About us

Our expertise transcends various sectors, and covers critical issues including environmental and social safeguards, gender mainstreaming, and cross-cutting issues related to foreign aid effectiveness.


In today’s globalized world, in order to successfully design and implement a project, be it a development project, a public action or a private business, the need to integrate different kinds of expertise will is a necessity.

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Project Management

The Economic Forum, with its motto of “Grounded in Experience, Based on Quality”, provides our clients with the products that go beyond their expectations, at the very competitive rates.

Evaluations & Appraisals

The Economic Forum has substantial experience in undertaking both formative and summative evaluations across a range of programmes and projects.We pride ourselves in providing clients with informative .

Policy Analysis

The Economic Forum has a team with vast experience in providing objective and insightful policy advice and guidance on a wide range of issues, spanning a variety of economic and social agendas.

Our Team

Managing Partner

Peter M. Kaindaneh


Gbakai Francis Kaindaneh

Admin and Finance Manager

Mohamed Juldeh Barrie

Associate Consultant

Solomon Bangali

An established network of associates

The Economic Forum has an established network of associates who work with us to bring expert skills and fresh perspectives to a variety of assignments.


Economic forecasting


Monitoring and Evaluation


Market Research


Environmental and Social Impact Assessments




Gender Mainstreaming

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